Fall is here!

Dboy in his froggy get up
Ahh....  I love fall!  I can't put the feeling into words.  Fall brings so many wonderful things!  Crunchy leaves, spicy beverages (I love you Starbucks!), crunchy rainbow leaves under your feet, costumes, pumpkins, candy, and best of all... FALL TELEVISION PREMIERES!  I am love, love, loving all the premieres!

K the lovable puppy
I've always said t.v. is "the devil" (remember "Waterboy"?)... lol  it sucks me in so badly!  I've always loved a good escape from reality.  A good mystery, thrill, laugh.  With things as chaotic as they've been lately, fall couldn't have come at a better time!

Among my favorites this year: Parenthood, Glee, NCIS, Desperate Housewives, Modern family, and Cougar town.  So have they sucked you into too?

Kekito stuffing his face last year with Reeces

Seriously though, I think the highlight I'm most looking forward to is Halloween.  It's my favorite "holiday".  I loved the magic of pretending to be something neat each year.  Now getting to see my boys have that same fun is somehow even better!  This year I think Kekito will finally be able to really enjoy Trick or treating!  Last year his bedtime was before sunset, and we only got to go out on a little walk in his Elmo costume.  He did get lucky though- someone ran out a Reece's cup for him!  This year he is so social, and I can just imagine how much he's going to enjoy parading around in his puppy costume.  Already he's wanting to wear it for hours around the house!

Now all I have to do is negotiate with the hubs who gets to take him out on the first round!

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MarfMom said...

Hi! I'm a fellow "spring chicken!" I <3 fall too. I just had my first Starbucks hot chocolate of the season today and am really excited for Halloween. I've ordered my son's costume; he's going as a penguin. We'll take him around for a bit of trick or treating at our church party but I'm totally keeping his candy ;-)