Calling all Commissary shoppers!

So saving money seriously makes me high! (So does spending money, but that's another story...)  And I love to share all my money saving tips with everyone.  Whether they care or not...  I guess it enhances the high. ;) So I share now with you, my best tip for saving money on groceries.

In my last two grocery store trips, I saved a total of $76.00 in coupons.  Amazing right?!  So I'm going to let you in on how.

I've always been a coupon user.  From the time I was 5 or 6, I'd clip my dad's coupons for him every Sunday.  He'd read the paper while I read to him the deals; he'd answer yea or nay, and I clipped accordingly.  A little nugget of wisdom he passed on to me then:  "No matter how great the savings a coupon offers, it's only saving money if you'd buy it anyway".

When you buy the Sunday paper, it's a crap shoot.  I mean yeah, there are coupon preview sites which help, but there are variances place to place.  And let's face it, some weeks you may only save $3.00.  The paper is going to eat at least $2.00 of that savings.  Then you need to go through and do all the clipping... Ugh.  But I still always did it because overall, it was a good amount of savings.

I was always a casual coupon user, but really started getting into couponing back in New Jersey.  As a stay at home mom on a budget it was a lot more important; but also a lot easier at the commissary.  At the commissary the prices are amazing! Yeah, I know there's a surcharge (WTH?!), but there's no sales tax... so I always just look it as that.  Normally it's hard to get a great price on name brands even with coupons.  At the commissary however, it's cake!  Then came,, and  And Sunday papers from the Dollar Tree!   Score!  Not to mention the coupons all over the commissary. 

But once I got to Hawaii, Dollar Tree was no longer an option, and the Sunday coupons here really blew.  I was at a loss as to how to keep my savings high going, and my budget under control.  I did a little online surfing for coupons and discovered... wait for it... EBay.  Duh.  I guess I had always thought of it as some place where crazy people sold junk.  But no... there are coupons!  It's not legal to sell coupons, but you can charge people for your time and efforts in collecting coupons! lol  So get this, you can get 100 coupons (in the average packet) for $2.00 (including shipping).  Let's recap:  You get so many more coupons without the annoying clipping for the same price as the Sunday paper!  Killer!  I do still use the online coupon sites too!

So my shopping trip today cost me $4.00 in EBay fees, which made for an overall savings of $35.50.  Saving even an average of $20.00 a trip would save $520.00 a year! (Helloooo Ipod touch I've been jonesing for!)  I spent $240.00 and walked away with 2 full shopping carts, including: 2 cans of Enfamil, 2 cases of diapers, (those alone would normally run $80.00 right there!) and other higher ticket items.  And remember, these are Overseas prices!  So imagine how much you could lower your bill too!

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Martha said...

I love coupons too, the time to clip and organize them, not so much.
Thanks for the birthday greetings!