...And that's why I Blog!

Danny Boy, 9 months
 So over there at SITs site today is day number 5 of the "Back to Blogging Week".  The theme for the day is to answer the question: "Why do I blog?". 

I've actually asked my self this a lot.  Especially after taking two long breaks from it and then returning two times!  I started this on a lark when my friend Lesley told me about her blog and suggested that I might really love one and should start it. 

Life got really busy about that time.  I was newly pregnant with Danny Boy and just starting to realize that maybe my oldest son wasn't "neuro-typical".  We went on a long excursion to California which severely limited my computer access- so there's the first break in my blogging adventure.  The second break started (and lasted a very very long time) when Kekito started Early intervention.  I was so desperate for his outlook to improve that I poured all of my time into his therapies.  Well... all the time I wasn't exhausted at least, my last pregnancy really wiped me out badly.

So once the dust started to settle after Danny Boy was born I realized that I had been thinking of my blog over and over both times I was away.  It was something I missed.  It was something I was not content to just stop doing forever.

So it made me ask why am I doing this?  What I really think most is that even if no one is reading, it makes me feel heard.  It's like my own little diary were I can put all my thoughts into the world; my catharsis.  It's amazing to be able to look back at everything and be able to be proud of something I've accomplished for myself- lately I've really lost myself in motherhood, marriage, and autism.  I've had zero time for me and have lately been feeling like I am mourning the loss of "Jill as we knew her".  But getting back into blogging and keeping it up(!) are really helping me to re-establish that time an sense of being.  I love being able to look back and see what all has gone on in my life.  I like seeing how my son has improved; how much both my boys have grown.

Blogging is something I love and will continue doing for me and my family!  And hopefully 1 or 2 interested readers.

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