Island life

So far living on Oahu has been beautiful. The weather is always fabulous, and the scenery is incredible! We go for long walks almost everyday, something I missed so much living in New Jersey.

We finally got all settled into a house about 6 weeks after we got here- and our furniture came another 2 weeks later. That made for a rough transition. Made me realize how spoiled Americans are. I was always aware of that- but you know how you don't truly get it until you and your bad back sleep on the floor everyday for a couple weeks?! sigh. I wish everyone in the world had a bed!

Our latest venture was setting up all his Early Intervention services here. He's just about got it all wrapped up and will be starting therapy in september. We're also going to start evaluations with a child psychologist to figure out a diagnosis for him. That's a monkey I look forward to getting off my back!

My next big challenge will trying to find a play group with parents who are understanding and accepting of him. That I think will be my biggest challenge. Hopefully not.

Contemplating big life changes now, so I am curious to see where life takes me in the next year. It seems like the dust never fully gets to settle in my life. =) I'm trying to decide whether to start working again, and am feeling overwhelmed about finding day care to fit our needs, as well as paying for it while I'm still looking for a job. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to find a job to cover day care costs, but I need to start getting a little tiny bit of a life of my own...