Pregnancy..... I'm done with it!

I would love to have more than two children, but I done think I ever want to have to be pregnant again! It just doesn't agree with me! lol I always hear women talking about having labor amnesia so that they could bear getting pregnant again. Well, I had a C-Section so I really wouldn't understand, except I am thinking maybe I had pregnancy amnesia! = )

Either that, or my body got a whole lot older these last 2 years! Maybe it's a little of both! I think I've had it all this time! Morning sickness, arthritis (nothing new- but so much worse now! lol), much worse fatigue this time (thanks to Kekito?), now carpal tunnel in both hands and charlie horses in my sleep! I just started having trouble staying asleep now too! lol Oh man, I'm such a whiner! Seriously, I am just so much more exhausted this time. I'm amazed at how little time I've spent at the computer this ENTIRE summer, and now... FALL too!

I am SO looking forward to Halloween this year! The weather here has been great lately, and the leaves are starting to change! Kekito is going to be a cute little Elmo!!!

Oh and I just realized, being so long since I've logged in here, I haven't gotten to say..... that we're having another boy! =) Looking forward to watching the boys develop into lifelong "frenemies". ;)

Kekito is changing so much lately, growing up faster and faster! Here is a video of Daddy teaching Kekito to do the twist! Now every time we say "You do it!" out of nowhere, he starts doing little Elvis the Pelvis moves- it's hysterical!


Happy Fall everyone!


Martha said...

You look Beautiful!! I like being pregnant but was happy to have my body back to myself. My best to you and your family.

kestrel said...

That boy has rhythm and the moves. Keep the video safely and show it to him when he turns 18. You look gorgeous for a mother-to-be. I think pregnancy gets harder with age - the symptoms get magnified a thousand fold. Good luck and the days will get BETTER.

TzuTse said...

Love the video of Kekito dancing, and Sergio could have a second career as an Elvis impersonator. Hey, it could happen!

You look great! Nice to have you back blogging again. I'll look forward to future posts.