A is for airplane and Ahh-ba-ba...

A is for the wonderful airplane that took me home for a few warm, wonderful months! We are back in California for a short while, which sadly means less and less reading and writing of blogs. =( My only access to a computer here is the desktop in my son's room. And so...... seeing as how most of my free time is during nap time... =) You get the picture!
We've been doing a lot of work with Kekito's eating exercises and getting him lots of park exercise and he's making great improvements- to me at least!!! ;) This leads me to "ahh-ba-ba"! I am not certain this counts ad his first word besides the mama and dada; but for 3 days any time someone said apple (or anytime he saw one) he said "Ahh-ba-ba". And like all other exciting things he's learned, he now refuses to utter those syllables. =) He's also finally making new sounds. I never thought I could get this excited! lol I am just dying to hear his little voice! He's made a shh sound after I say shirt and a k sound once after I said cat. I am so excited to see how much he is learning and how strong he is getting.

Everything is good here, and I hope everyone else is having an amazing summer!

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Noah's Mommy said...

he's getting so big!!! can't wait for you guys to get back