For all moms with young children...

In my opinion, all moms should buy the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Marc Weissbluth! My son was terribly colic, so I've always had issues with his sleeping. I have read a lot of books about children's sleep by this point, lol- and this is the best! It makes a great baby shower gift!

The most common problem I hear around my sons age is "my son won't sleep straight through the night anymore". SO... I know this sounds counterproductive.... putting your baby to sleep EARLIER rather than later helps a ton. Most people try to keep their babies up later when they won't sleep through the night, but it throws off the natural circadian rhythms in their body. There are 2 parts to the rhythm and BOTH have to be telling them to sleep or be awake to sleep easily/wake up happily. I guess one rhythm can say sleep, while the other says wake up! I learned all of this from this fabulous book! ;)

If you get them in a good rhythm at night- they will take naps easier too. Basically- put them to bed BEFORE they really seem tired. I also read that to pick a good window of time for nap is to take the time they best wake up and go to sleep (being able to have good sleep straight through); count the number of hours between them and cut it in half. Your child should nap around that time. So if they sleep 7pm to 7 am, then 6 hours after they wake up, they should be napping around 1.

I also learned that colic babies are more sensitive to sleep schedules even as toddlers. I already knew my son was overly sensitive to changes- but did not know that it was common for all post-colic babies. This book has a TON of good information about sleep. There is good information for older children; and I have applied some principles to my own sleep as well!
I completely recommend it!


Noah's Mommy said...

wish I had known about that that last picture of kekito...the little punkin

TzuTse said...

Maybe I should read this book, I've bee suffering from insomnia lately. LOL Sounds like good advice for everyone, too bad that most people can't take a little afternoon nap---wouldn't that be nice. Glad that you worked it out with Kekito and will be a baby sleep expert for your next baby!