I hate Microeconomics... WITH A PASSION!

I am going to school online right now... and might I add it's not the best. It's tough... but just not very good for me!

Anyway... so much drama with this stinkin school. I can't wait to be done! I am switching schools after a short break after this Micro class. I never knew how hard this class would be!

I am relieved to say that all I have left is my final! YAY!!!!! If I wasn't having a baby, I'd be going out for Margaritas!!!! I am hoping and praying I pass because I don NOT want to have to pay back the VA!!!!! sigh... =)

Anyone else have horrible econ stories? Or online school reviews?!


TZU TSE said...

I think that Online Traffic School might rival Microeconomics in terms of the snooze factor. At least one does not have to be sequestered in a hotel room for 8 hours listening to a boring would-be-comic drill the rules of the road into a room full of disinterested students like in the "old days." Sure hope that you pass that test! Make yourself a "virgin" Margarita?

kate.apa said...

I honestly think that it doesn't matter whether you're taking an online or in person econ class..it's hard all the same...and I hate it as well. It's just so confusing and there is TOO much theory!! The worst part is, They add SO many different details around the D and S curves that it makes it impossible to differentiate what they're talking about. Also, I noticed that profs often add their own theory and each time you think oh it's this...while according the the new prof, it's something else! I have taken so many econ courses, I don't even know why! And it's not because I failed! :S Weird systems! I hate IT!! I'm glad to know that it's the last one I'm taking...I hope

Living A Godly Life, One Second At A Time said...

I can totally relate. I am also attending school online, and am in a Microeconomics class. It sucks, and I hate it so much, but I will get through it. I will just have to study that much harder. I don't usually get low grades on anything, but I have a feeling my ego will take some serious blows this term at the hands of this evil class.