Heat wave fun

We had an amazing heat wave this last weekend. It lasted all the way up until last night, when it began raining as we slept! I must admit I was ready for it to be on it's way by yesterday seeing as how our A/C is broken. It has been about 90 degrees in our apartment nonstop! You forget how spoiled you are until the A/C breaks in a heat wave! But I sure enjoyed spending time outdoors this weekend!

Lesley, Noah , Kekito and I had a wonderful day perusing artist's displays at a local art festival, and took a fun, but messy, walk in the park.
Here is Noah, loving all the flowers!!

These were some cute handmade toys that caught all of our attention! The boys seemed pretty intrigued.

Lesley, Noah, and Kekito enjoying the amazing bubbles! =)

My little heat wave baby learning to climb...

I am glad to have some cool weather back. The news said it is a 30 degree drop in temperature today from yesterday! But I think we really needed such a nice weekend, and my pale pale pale skin finally got some much needed color! Hope everyone had a great weekend too!


Noah's Mommy said...

It was a great time...even if it was a little hot....Love the pic of Kekito Running in the grass...too cute...hmmm...what's the plan for this week?...

TZU TSE said...

I spent 6 hot and muggy summers in Detroit with babies and little kids. The sweat would bead up on their noses and their clothes were wringing wet. They never seemed to mind, but I sure did. I used to take ice cold baths at night just to cool off. Inner City old houses didn't have air conditioning in the old days of 1970's. Great photos, I like the look on Kekito's face when he's "climbing."