Pregnancy..... I'm done with it!

I would love to have more than two children, but I done think I ever want to have to be pregnant again! It just doesn't agree with me! lol I always hear women talking about having labor amnesia so that they could bear getting pregnant again. Well, I had a C-Section so I really wouldn't understand, except I am thinking maybe I had pregnancy amnesia! = )

Either that, or my body got a whole lot older these last 2 years! Maybe it's a little of both! I think I've had it all this time! Morning sickness, arthritis (nothing new- but so much worse now! lol), much worse fatigue this time (thanks to Kekito?), now carpal tunnel in both hands and charlie horses in my sleep! I just started having trouble staying asleep now too! lol Oh man, I'm such a whiner! Seriously, I am just so much more exhausted this time. I'm amazed at how little time I've spent at the computer this ENTIRE summer, and now... FALL too!

I am SO looking forward to Halloween this year! The weather here has been great lately, and the leaves are starting to change! Kekito is going to be a cute little Elmo!!!

Oh and I just realized, being so long since I've logged in here, I haven't gotten to say..... that we're having another boy! =) Looking forward to watching the boys develop into lifelong "frenemies". ;)

Kekito is changing so much lately, growing up faster and faster! Here is a video of Daddy teaching Kekito to do the twist! Now every time we say "You do it!" out of nowhere, he starts doing little Elvis the Pelvis moves- it's hysterical!


Happy Fall everyone!

A is for airplane and Ahh-ba-ba...

A is for the wonderful airplane that took me home for a few warm, wonderful months! We are back in California for a short while, which sadly means less and less reading and writing of blogs. =( My only access to a computer here is the desktop in my son's room. And so...... seeing as how most of my free time is during nap time... =) You get the picture!
We've been doing a lot of work with Kekito's eating exercises and getting him lots of park exercise and he's making great improvements- to me at least!!! ;) This leads me to "ahh-ba-ba"! I am not certain this counts ad his first word besides the mama and dada; but for 3 days any time someone said apple (or anytime he saw one) he said "Ahh-ba-ba". And like all other exciting things he's learned, he now refuses to utter those syllables. =) He's also finally making new sounds. I never thought I could get this excited! lol I am just dying to hear his little voice! He's made a shh sound after I say shirt and a k sound once after I said cat. I am so excited to see how much he is learning and how strong he is getting.

Everything is good here, and I hope everyone else is having an amazing summer!

For all moms with young children...

In my opinion, all moms should buy the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Marc Weissbluth! My son was terribly colic, so I've always had issues with his sleeping. I have read a lot of books about children's sleep by this point, lol- and this is the best! It makes a great baby shower gift!

The most common problem I hear around my sons age is "my son won't sleep straight through the night anymore". SO... I know this sounds counterproductive.... putting your baby to sleep EARLIER rather than later helps a ton. Most people try to keep their babies up later when they won't sleep through the night, but it throws off the natural circadian rhythms in their body. There are 2 parts to the rhythm and BOTH have to be telling them to sleep or be awake to sleep easily/wake up happily. I guess one rhythm can say sleep, while the other says wake up! I learned all of this from this fabulous book! ;)

If you get them in a good rhythm at night- they will take naps easier too. Basically- put them to bed BEFORE they really seem tired. I also read that to pick a good window of time for nap is to take the time they best wake up and go to sleep (being able to have good sleep straight through); count the number of hours between them and cut it in half. Your child should nap around that time. So if they sleep 7pm to 7 am, then 6 hours after they wake up, they should be napping around 1.

I also learned that colic babies are more sensitive to sleep schedules even as toddlers. I already knew my son was overly sensitive to changes- but did not know that it was common for all post-colic babies. This book has a TON of good information about sleep. There is good information for older children; and I have applied some principles to my own sleep as well!
I completely recommend it!

The Mystery Spot

This is the neatest place, I swear! I grew up in California a mere 2 hours or so from Santa Cruz, but NEVER made it to the Mystery Spot. I can't tell you how many times I have seen the bumper sticker and always thought, "eventually"....

Well, now I have FINALLY gone! The gravity there is somehow messed up, and it is the strangest feeling I have ever felt. I didn't believe these pictures until I went- and boy am I sure this is so real- no tricks here! Since I am pregnant, I get dizzy more easily now. Let me tell you, I was so dizzy I could barely walk straight through the center to get out of the spot! I thought I was going to loose it! I had to move straight through the center and sit down on the ground!

It was unfortunate because in the center is a cabin with a lot of experiments to play with that show off the unique properties! My husband had a blast. I at least did get to watch everyone! Things roll up, instead up down.... trees grow branches on only one side to compensate... people walk around dang dear close to laying on the ground...
I can say I have NEVER experienced anything like it! The tour guide said there are (I think...) 13 other places like it in the world- if you EVER have the chance, you have GOT to go! And it's not very pricey either! You will have a great time and wonderful memories!
The Mystery Spot

Into thin air.... and Early Intervention

Well I think I've gone far too long with out getting on here to post! I went out to California for a greatly needed vacation! So that whole time, I went through Internet withdrawals and thought I'd be hopping back on immediately when I returned home! But it has been even crazier and busier than it was before I left!

The thing that has kept me most busy since I've been back? Early Intervention. It's a federal program that evaluates children under the age of 3 for developmental delays. If there is enough delay in any area(s) to warrant a need to be treated, appropriate therapy begins.

My son is NOT a talker. Not even a little. He only says "mama" at almost 17 months old, and it sounds very forced. He reserves it only for desperate times- like when he thinks I'm leaving with out him! :) I was confused for a long time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong! I am a stay at home mom; I talk to him and read to him practically all day! And I limit his TV time to about 1 hour a day of either sesame street or baby Einstein. So for a while I wouldn't let him have ANY TV hoping that may help. He went a whole week at one point with out even seeing so much as 5 minutes of CNN (which we often have on here)! It has seriously been driving me crazy. I've never pushed him (unfortunately my husband has), but I did notice he understands SOOOOO much of what I am saying! So I tried to figure that maybe since he could understand SO much, that maybe he just did not want to talk (seeing as how he is so stubborn). Also I had noticed that any sound he tried to make came from his throat while he kept his lips tightly closed, so it got me even more curious...

Finally I got him evaluated by Early Intervention. As it turns out, his delay isn't related to anything I have or have not done. Lol, just lucky old genetics! : ) He has low muscle tone, which apparently affects all his fine motor skills. He understands language and things in general around a 20 month old level, but "speaks" at a 9 month old level. It took a lot of confusing questions to his evaluators and speech therapist to understand completely what was going on. I guess people with low muscle tone have much more flexible muscles; from my understanding, that means that until they are very strong it gives them little control over fine, small movements. It has not affected his gross motor skills in any way- he was an early sitter, and average crawler & walker. The only thing he has trouble with is using his facial muscles to make the correct shapes and openings to talk; and making small controlled movements with his fingers.

And now the even better news! At his first speech therapy appointment, the therapist said he actually isn't even bad enough to need speech therapy! As long as he is actually functioning at his ability level, he is fine. All he needs, she said, is to get stronger. She taught me a lot of ways to exercise his facial muscles through the way he eats. It is so time consuming, but we have already seen great improvements in such a short time! He never used to bite all the way through foods or chew (I thought he was lazy! lol), but now he is doing both of those things! And he seems to be trying to babble with us more often! I also have hope that since the snow and bad winter weather is gone, more exercise at the park will help this summer! I was told the stronger he gets in his core muscles, the stronger his jaw will also become!

The last reason for my long absence.... unbelievable nausea! I never had it in my first pregnancy; so it hit me like a shocking ton of bricks! I have been nauseous all day, every day (save for 1 miracle day last week!) for the last 4 weeks almost. I am quite ready for all that to be done. :) It has kept me from wanting to do just about anything and everything! :)

I hope everyone has had a great month of May! Sorry I have missed out on everything- I hope to catch up on everyone's blogs!

Adventure Days...

... Beginning with Adventure Aquarium!

We live in New Jersey, close to Camden county, where the Adventure Aquarium is located. We have gone several times already! With a new baby on the way, we've decided pretty soon we'll have to get a family pass! This was Kekito's third time visiting and he had the best time yet!

Sergio has this thing about holding my precious little man =) over the rail to see the skyline and the water... and I have this thing about how much it utterly freaks me out! I know he's got a tight grip; but with a wiggly, stubborn toddler, accidents happen!!! It upset me so much I started to cry- it was making me so panicky (not sure if the tears were truly fear induced or hormones)! Which I think only made him want to do it more. So we made a deal- one picture and then we're done!

Our other fun adventure this weekend was an outing to the park. Kekito is SO adventurous these days. Every Dandelion has him spellbound. He can't move on until he's thoroughly inspected every bit of it.
He hands me his ripped up flowers, and I teach him to smell them...

And the best part- now he's trying to teach me. He teaches me a lot actually! ;)

Artists I love...

Going to the art festival made me think about so many fond memories I have of visiting my amazing "GREAT" aunt Susan ;) I loved sitting in her booth and feeling like I was part of the artist In-crowd! I always felt like I knew a celebrity! My Aunt Susie is an incredible artist, and I can honestly say that she is just about 100 percent of my inspiration to dabble in art. She has fostered my love for, and admiration of, art. It was she who got me addicted to visiting museums! It's something that leaves a hole in me if I go too long without seeing a good new exhibit. Seeing the ocean does the same thing somewhere deep inside me. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce some new people to one of her many talents. I can honestly say, I've never seen anything like her leather art- truly one of a kind! Click her link: Dawn Mountain Leather Art to see something

And while I'm on a roll introducing you to my favorite inspirations, meet my good friend Lesley.

She is the owner of Noah Baby Boutique. Her boutique is set up on Etsy, allowing you to conveniently purchase her products online! She even creates custom orders. She has the cutest baby onsies, burp cloths, blankets, and sets! I've seen them all bundled up, ready to go and even that is a beautiful sight! She leaves no detail ignored. Next time you need a wonderful, unique baby shower gift, keep these sets in mind- they are sure to please! There are even organic cotton
sets for the Eco-minded! Check out the link to: Noah Baby Boutique

I hope you enjoy their items as much as I do!

Heat wave fun

We had an amazing heat wave this last weekend. It lasted all the way up until last night, when it began raining as we slept! I must admit I was ready for it to be on it's way by yesterday seeing as how our A/C is broken. It has been about 90 degrees in our apartment nonstop! You forget how spoiled you are until the A/C breaks in a heat wave! But I sure enjoyed spending time outdoors this weekend!

Lesley, Noah , Kekito and I had a wonderful day perusing artist's displays at a local art festival, and took a fun, but messy, walk in the park.
Here is Noah, loving all the flowers!!

These were some cute handmade toys that caught all of our attention! The boys seemed pretty intrigued.

Lesley, Noah, and Kekito enjoying the amazing bubbles! =)

My little heat wave baby learning to climb...

I am glad to have some cool weather back. The news said it is a 30 degree drop in temperature today from yesterday! But I think we really needed such a nice weekend, and my pale pale pale skin finally got some much needed color! Hope everyone had a great weekend too!

Southwestern salad

So I made this GORGEOUS salad last night.... but I forgot to take a picture for all of you! I wanted to share my recipe for it- it is a great summer dinner. Nice and light, but still filling and it won't heat up your kitchen! (this is for 4-6 people)

Here's what you need:
1-2 lbs. of chicken (depending on how much you want)
1 or 2 Small tomatoes diced (you can use canned diced ones too!)
2 slices of Red onion chopped
1/2 Large red bell pepper
3/4 c Cesar dressing
1/4 c Thousand Island dressing
1 Tbs Worcestershire sauce
1 1/2 Tbs Spicy brown mustard
2 Tsp Lime Juice
2 Tsp Crushed red pepper
1 1/2 Tsp Chopped Cilantro

I first cut up some chicken and fry it in some olive oil- I do this in the morning so that I won't have to mess with it later- you can also make extra for sandwiches or other salads over the next few days!

Next I chop and mix together in a bowl with canned corn:
1 or 2 Small tomatoes diced
2 slices of Red onion chopped
1/2 Large red bell pepper

To make the dressing mix together:
3/4 c Cesar dressing
1/4 c Thousand Island dressing
1 Tbs Worcestershire sauce
1 1/2 Tbs Spicy brown mustard
2 Tsp Lime Juice
2 Tsp Crushed red pepper (If you like things REALLY hot- add more. Not too hot just spicy!)
1 1/2 Tsp Chopped Cilantro

All of this can be done ahead of time in the morning (except the tomato) in case you are going to have a busy night!

Lay out your washed salad on the plate and drizzle enough dressing for you all over salad and top with a bit of cheddar cheese. Then using a spoon sprinkle as much of the corn mix as you'd like; and top with chicken! It's so easy, tastes SO incredibly good, and looks beautiful enough to serve to guests all on it's own!

I hope you enjoy this salad!

"Walking with God"

I just finished reading "Walking with God" by John Eldridge. I highly recomment it if you are looking for more insight on your realationship with God; or if you are looking to deepen your relationship.

His style of writing has a real sense of comfort to it, and he can be pretty good for a laugh too! Even through the mucky stuff! He and his family live in Colorado (Oh how I love thee Colorado....) and they started the ransomed heart ministries.

I am now working on one of his older books "Wild at Heart", and a book by his wife Stasi, "Captivating". I'll let you know how they turn out!

Happy reading to everyone!

I hate Microeconomics... WITH A PASSION!

I am going to school online right now... and might I add it's not the best. It's tough... but just not very good for me!

Anyway... so much drama with this stinkin school. I can't wait to be done! I am switching schools after a short break after this Micro class. I never knew how hard this class would be!

I am relieved to say that all I have left is my final! YAY!!!!! If I wasn't having a baby, I'd be going out for Margaritas!!!! I am hoping and praying I pass because I don NOT want to have to pay back the VA!!!!! sigh... =)

Anyone else have horrible econ stories? Or online school reviews?!

Forgot to show off my best asset... son. He's got an incredible personality!
I should have named him trouble for his middle name! ;)

My very first Blog.... I think?

I'm not so sure about what all this blog stuff is.... I think the first time I heard the word was about.... a year ago? Long after I had been reading people's "blogs" (little did I know....). I've written journals on personal networking sites... not sure if that counts.

Well anyway, I guess I'll just use the first phase of this experience to tell you about myself.
I am a CALIFORNIA GIRL! Through and through till the day I leave this Earth! I used to be a mechanic on airplanes in the military. Now I am a fulltime mom and online student- it's oh so exciting. Mmmm- mostly just really tiring. I wish I was in Diego Garcia instead sometimes- so far from the world!

Anyway. I am just pretty dang happy with life. I have my days... weeks... sometimes months.... but I just can't tell you how much I just feel like I'm on the verge of discovering something great and new each day. Even if it's a teeny-tiny something amazing- it's an amazing life none the less.