Homeschool Planning for the Year-Round Homeschooler

What does your year round homeschool look like?

You may be wondering , "Won't homeschooling suck up my whole summer and all the fun"?  No.  I talked about that a bit before, but if you've also been wondering about how one goes about setting it up, I'll share with you what we did and why.  It should give you a starting off point to think about your own planning.

Should I homeschool my Autistic child?  Should I do it year round?  If you have questions about the benefits of a year round schedule, take a look at the 5 reasons why we love it!

Reasons why we love homeschooling year-round

Don't you just hate when you have a perfect homeschooling plan, and everything just goes off the rails for one reason or another?  Me too!  Year-round schooling has made a great thing even greater.  Sit back, savor your coffee or tea, and dream a bit about your own homeschool experience while I share with you what we love about year round homeschool.  

1. Meltdowns

Theirs and mine... when my boys have just had it, when my heart feels like it's going to explode, we have flexibility to take the day off.  There is no end-of-year dreading making up days.  No wondering when we will actually finish.  We simply swap our days off that week.  Typically Friday is our kick up our feet day, but if nuclear meltdown occurs on Wednesday,  that's our new reset day for the week.

Friday Freebie: Fitness tracker

It's hard to stay in shape as a homeschool parent or work at home parent.  Hop on over for a free fitness tracker to help you chronicle all of your food, exercise, water intake, and supplements!

A new freebie to help you stay in shape:

Earlier this week I wrote a post suggesting several ways to try to stay in shape as a homeschooling and/or work at home mom.  It's rough to fit it all in for sure, but another thing that helps is adding in a fitness/food diary.

As Kristen Kirkpatrick mentions in this article, we can sometimes be fooling ourselves with how much we are eating. We are on the go and tend to forget what we ate and when.  Dessert time rolls around and we think, "I've been pretty good!"  We may actually be forgetting the extra calories we treated ourselves to at lunch.

Staying in shape for the homeschool mom

Tips and ideas for staying in shape at a homeschooling mom or work at home mom.

So what do you do with all your free time as a homeschool mom?

Ha!  I know, I am laughing at that too.😉  I had no idea how large a chuck of my time homeschooling would eat up.  I pictured playing a few videos for my kids and then cutting them loose to scribble away on their papers while I knocked out dishes.  Right....

I have fibromyalgia, which means I am in some major pain if I don't exercise regularly.  When the reality of homeschool hit hard, it was the first thing to go.  That couldn't last without me crumbling physically.  If you've homeschooled for any decent amount of time, I am sure you realize how hard it is to pour from an empty cup!

Finding my footing

I started to figure it out somewhat and fit a little bit of exercise here and there.  It wasn't easy, but I was getting in just enough time.  Soon I was a work from home on top of the homeschooling -- holy moly... What in the world is a mama to do?  I honestly needed to fit both things in, and on a tight budget!

10 signs you're an Autism mama...

You know you're a mom when (special needs edition)...

1) Legos are everywhere!

2) Screen time brings more joy than Santa.

3) People want to know why you use a stroller for "such an old kid" at Disneyland.