If You Could Heal Autism...

Would You Want to Heal Your Child's Autism?

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I am an admin over at the Special Needs Moms Network, and that means I get to see a lot of hot topics being debated.  This week there was a post about curing your child's Autism.  The opinions in the Autism Parent community run the gamut. Some people say it is incurable, others believe it is absolutely curable, and many wonder, "What in the world makes you think we need a cure?!"

I usually share at least one of my two cents there, however, I am also aware that sometimes my whole two cents are better left for this arena.  It got me thinking about a time that one of my most treasured friends and I were sitting on our back porch discussing this same topic.

Freebie: Download Autism Awareness Printables for Social Media Sharing!

How Will You Celebrate?

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Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate World Autism Awareness day?  I have got you covered with the newest freebie!  I know many people are starting to lean more towards Autism Acceptance (as am I), and so I wanted to make a positive printable to celebrate the strengths of our Autistic population.

Editable March Meal Calendar

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The March Calendar is here!

Can you believe it's already March?!  How is the year flying so fast?  I am happy to let you know that despite moving this week, I remembered to get a new calendar together for March!  Let me know if you have any requests for something you'd like to see changed in April. ;)

I use a lot of Asian inspired recipes and wanted to suggest looking into this GF Kikkoman Hoisin sauce or this other set of sauces if you are eating gluten free like me. I've had a pretty easy time finding GF soy sauce, but I have yet to find GF Hoisin sauce off the shelves!

Click here to access the meal calendar!


Teaching a child to tie shoes

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Think you are stuck with Velcro forever?

I know Velcro isn't a big deal when they are little...  it's easy enough to find Velcro shoes at reasonable prices.  When your kid starts to get a little older, it starts getting harder.  Maybe you've tried teaching your kids before, and it has ended in screams and tears (yours and theirs).  Before you give up trying, let me first share with you more about what worked for us.

Free Editable February Meal Calendar

 February Meal Calendar 

Free editable Meal calendar for February- prefilled with dinner recipe pins!

If you tried the January calendar and loved the convenience, here is February!  It is pre-filled with our Pinterest picks, so we never get stuck in too much of a rut!  Save time browsing Pinterest, or wondering what to make for dinner!

Free editable Meal calendar for February- prefilled with dinner recipe pins!
February preview

When we have a meal calendar planned, I find that we make less trips to the store, saving even more money!  I like to print all the recipes on the first of the month and store in a recipe binder.  If you are more digital, just click through the link each day as you cook!

We have a pizza night, do you have any theme nights?

As I mentioned in the January post, "Pizza Night Fridays" are our thing, and so is an occasional Hot dog Sunday. 😊  It's our compromise for all of the broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus eaten throughout the rest of the week! 😁 With the calendar being editable though, you can simply delete any meals that don't fit your style and plug in your own.

Kids love it too...

My son loves seeing the calendar on the fridge and the predictability it offers.  When he sees there is something he doesn't like, he can brace himself 😜, but can also see pizza day is only so far away, or that a different favorite is coming up soon!  If you want to get them more involved in the kitchen, try letting them each pick a meal to put on a certain day.

You can download it here if you are a subscriber.